Re: [Emerald] SQL 7.0 and security

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 10:48:24 -0800

Brian Johnson wrote:
> OK, then why when I delete a user in the Emerald Admin, the user is still
> listed in the Operators list. I closed Emerald Admin and re-opened it and
> the user is still there. When I try to delete it again, i get the following
> error:
> SQL Server Error: 15008 User 'billybob' does not exist in the current
> database.
> State= 1, Severity= 16
> When I use Access and look in the Operators table, the user billybob is
> still there. Also when I go into the Enterprise manager, the user billybob
> is still listed.
> Is this normal, and how should I deal with it?

Sorta. There are two lists. One is the Operators table, and one is
the actual SQL user. To delete the operator, uncheck the SQL User and
save it. That should remove the SQL User you see in enterprise
manager. To delete the operator out of Emerald, they can't
exist in SQL first.


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