Re: [Emerald] serv-u ftp and others

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 15:22:19 -0500

Depends on if FTP is enabled in IIS4. IIS4 is a collection of many
services, one of which is an FTP server. Disable that FTP server, and you
can run SERV-U. Don't disable IIS's FTP server, and you cannot.

You *do* want to use SERV-U instead of IIS's FTP server.

At 01:36 PM 12/3/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I have gotten emerald up and running and now am looking for some
>information on serv-u ftp.
>I have a server running iis4 with a few commercial web/ftp pages.
>I would like to put my users web/ftp there also.
>Can iis4 and serv-u run at the same time on the same machine?
>It is my understanding that emerald exports users to serv-u ftp...
>Will it set up pages at
><> if i have
><> running under iis4?
>Is there a way to make my users web pages available at
>I am kind of stuck and confused here.
>Basiclly our accounts com with 5mb of web/ftp space and I need emerald to
>make this space... plus i need something that will run the web and ftp
>from this space...
>If serv-u will make some or all of this work... Can someone who has set
>this up give me a breif over view on how it was done?
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>Hughes Business Technologies
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