RE: [Emerald] Call Consolidation

Duane Schaub ( (no email) )
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 12:49:22 -0600

I read somewhere that SQL 7 does active caching and uses the available ram
and therefore has no setting. Basically, it is disk based, but the ram
cache does nearly the same thing and you get as much cache as you have
available ram and it is an automatic config.

BTW: Anyone who has not upgraded to SQL 7 is missing out on a DRAMATIC speed


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> I have a HP LX Pro, dual Pentium Pros, 512megs and RAID 5 and 700,000
> records takes about 2 hours.....

Most of it seems to be disk activity. The cpu never goes much over 10% usage
and it never maxes out the memory either. But the whole time it's beating
crap out of my disks.

How big is your tempdb? Also, since switching to SQL7 I have not figured out
how to put tempdb in RAM like I did on SQL 6.5, is there a way to do that?


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