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Mon, 29 Nov 1999 14:23:18 -0800

I want to send data from the Main Server to this one for backup purposes.
But I want it live. I will not be sending data back to the main server.

What does YMMV mean? Or should I not ask? :)

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Info wrote:
> I want to setup replication (Emerald) to another SQL7.0 machine over a
> The traffic is very light on this T-Span. Are there any concerns with
> replicating Emerald this way? Is Replication a resource hog?

Its a little more involved than that. For example, are you going to
do one way, batch, two-phase commit, etc? We've played arounf with
replication on 7.0, and although its a lot better than 6.5, we still
ran into some issues with it. YMMV.


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