RE: [Emerald] Help with new installation

David Routh ( )
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 15:38:55 -0600

At 12:12 AM 11/30/1999 +0300, you wrote:
>> No, its not a 7.0 issue. The rv error is a 2.5.205 problem. I'm
>> looking into an update shortly.
>I see... okay, thanks.
>Two questions...
>1. Do the other problems stem from this one (i.e. when the rv problem is
>fixed the 'config_init blah blah not found' and it not loading the text file
>are going to go away also)
>2. How long for the update - i.e. would I be better off nuking it and
>loading up a previous build, or waiting for the update?

I believe I saw .206 (RadiusNT) on the ftp site at IEA Software earlier

Damn that Dale is quick!

Hope that helps...

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