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Duane Schaub ( (no email) )
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I believe that you have struck the $10,000 question. We have found an
interesting posibility and are investigating this now. Qmail and Sendmail
use unix logins and a config file for their configuration. Basically, you
need a host user and some additional info for aliases. There is a PAM
module that will integrate Unix to LDAP. There is an Emerald-LDAP sync
module that allows emerald to config the Netscape LDAP server.

The problem with most Unix derivatives is that they are limited to an
8character login. Any characters beyond that are ignored. We have too many
non-unique logins with this limit. FreeBSD has a fully-threaded TCP stack
and logins up to 16 Characters, but suffers from a more limited hardware
list - Most standard hardware works, though.


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I have just about run out of patience with my current NT-based SMTP/POP3
server, SLMail from Seattle Labs. While it was fine when we were a startup,
it is becoming slower and more unresponsive as we grow (i.e. while at Comdex
last week, the POP3 service had to be restarted three times).

Soon, I will be changing mail server software. I don't know which package
yet, but it will either be a package for Linux, FreeBSD or NT. I am not
necessarily looking for Emerald integration. I am looking for stability. I
am also looking for unlimited POP3 mailboxes, not the $2 per box pricing
scheme used by Sendmail NT.

What are you using for a POP3/IMAP/SMTP server? Do you recommend it?


Gary Walworth
Beachlink Network Administrator

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