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I've got $5.00 somewhere around here. I'm in on this action. I think this
is a very reasonable solution, but we will need the support of all USR
users. Here us everyones chance to get all your broken buttons fixed. If
you do not support this cause then you have no complaints. If you are not
satisfied then why not put in $5.00. No one will lose with this
proposition. We get what we want and IEA gets their money.

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I got an email today that was kinda disturbing. It seems that for us USR
users to get the Connect-info fixed in Emerald we are going to have to pay
to have custom software written for us by IEA. Dale talked to me the other
day about this and he said he was looking at fixing this in a post RadiusNT
3.0 release but if it can be fixed now I would really like it fixed. I
have an idea, how about all of us USR owners send $1 per network access
server to IEA to have this "custom" software written for us. I will be
happy to send in my $4 for it. Hell, I will send $5 and call the extra one
shipping and handling. I know they have the expense of paying someone to go
to the bank. I cannot believe this total lack of compatibility for the
total control hardware is not bring the USR/Emerald owners out of the
woodwork. How are you other USR owners, are you willing to do this?

Lamar Townsend

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