Re: [Emerald] Sql Script for home directories

Mourad Dahoumane ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 22:46:56 +0100

> If you fill in the home dir, Emerald will create/verify the dir when
> you save the user. We are looking into having the DLL do the same
> as well.

Yes that would be great because even if you run an update against the
like this one
Update SubAccounts SET HomeDir= '\\server\users\'+ subaccounts.login WHERE
AccountType = "PPP" it will not create the directory until you edit and save
each subaccount.
> You could write a script like:
> Select cmd='md ' + homedir
> From SubAccounts
> and then save the results to a batchfile and execute the batchfile.

Euh ! I don't underztand where do I run the batchfile ?

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