Re: [Emerald] Adding other tables to receipt.rpt

Daniel Wood ( )
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:21:26 -0800

>> When I add another table, like invoices, to the receipt.rpt it
>> seems to work from Crystal Report but when I use it in Emerald
>> all the fields are blank.
>Support forwards (what I will assume to be your receipt report)
>and the catch is that you can NOT link Payments.InvoiceID to
>Invoices.InvoiceID. The reason is that Payments.InvoiceID is
>NOT filled until the next invoice for the customer. So if you
>make a payment and try to immediately print a receipt, it would
>be blank, because there is not match. What you want to link on
>would be the InvoiceItems.PaymentID and then invoices to
>invoiceitems. However, thats not a guranteed link, either.

Yes I found that out. I linked MasterAccount.CustomerID to
Payments.CustomerID then Payments.PaymentID to InvoiceItem.
PaymentID. Then I linked Invoiceitems.InvoiceID to Invoice.
InvoiceID. This seems to work ok.

Thank You
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