[Emerald] Ascend MAX TNT with sql 7.0 asking for help

Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:41:07 +0200


We have upgraded our Emerald database from Sql6.5 to Sql7.0,
we have experienced connection problems and a huge load on our
server which was working fine with Sql6.5, we were told by the
Emerald support team that some of IEA customers were obliged to tune
up their Ascend access servers in order to work out the problem with
the new settings.

The parameters we have changed on Ascend MAX TNT are the following:

In the exter profile (read exter)
list rad-auth-client
auth-timeout changed from 1 to 7 (in Nahr) and from 1 to 9 (IN Riad el
auth-id-max-retry-time changed from 0 to 10

If some of you have faced the same problem we really would like to
contact you in order to see how you have solved your problems and if
there is any other tunning ups we need to do with our access servers to
avoid system interruption and load.

I would really appreciate help,

Nada Syriani,
System Administrator
Network Operation Center
IncoNet sal

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