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Ken Sorenson ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 17:07:59 -0600

Thank you for the info, however, I am not sure I understand how the
duplication creates the situation of missing a stop transaction. In radius,
we are not seeing the users leave, so when they call in again, Radius will
not allow them on. Are we on the same page?


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Ken Sorenson wrote:
> We have a problem with the radius stop information, as I have seen others
> lament here. Everything was working well for us, the only thing we did was
> update our DSP's to 2.06. and reloaded our 'arc information- now it's a
> problem.
> Anyone want to share their configs?

The one thing that i consistently seem with the USR gear, is that they
re-use the Acct-Session-ID values rather quickly. TO work around this
you can add the username to the Primary key of the calls table and it
will pretty much solve duplicate accounting records.


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