RE: [Emerald] Cant login to Emerald

Ed and Kathy Tate ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:42:03 -0800

The default transport is set up as TCP/IP. We do have an entry with the
server alias as Emerald and the connection parameters as our IP,1433. Login
still fails every time?

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Ed and Kathy Tate wrote:
> However, I can login using SQL Manger, or query analyzer. We also have a
> companion application built in access that connects to the Emerald
> using the same DSN and calls the same DSN. It is able to login without
> problems. This occurs even with logging with SA.

You are assuming Emerald uses ODBC. It doesn't. Have you
the server/database settings on the login screen? I do dialup from my
home all the time into our SQL 7 boxes here at work without a problem.

> Can Dale, someone from support, or anyone give me an idea why this is. I
> have an employee the telecommutes and this had made the process
> It seems to me it has something in the Emerald Compiled code when it calls
> the DSN that is different or it introduces something else. This is a
> mystery!

Again, Emerald does NOT use ODBC. It uses the MS SQL DB-LIB API. The
is irrelevant for all operations of Emerald except printing.

If you run the Network Client utility, do you have any entries for it?
What is your default transport in there?


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