Re: [Emerald] Domains & Mailboxes

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 12:35:44 -0800

PowerNet wrote:
> What I need to know is what exactly do I have to do with a domain to get it ready for this?

Nothing. You only need to define a domain in Emerald if you want to
associate a group to that domain and have the domains automatically
created (via the login and the groups's domain).

> Do I add it to domain, billing groups...etc.

See Above.

> Is there anywhere to get a step by step.
> Emerald docs are lacking. I don't have the time to just sit around and play with it til I figure it out.

The integration between Mailsite and Emerald is not a function of
but more of Mailsite. Please don't interpret that as passing the buck,
as thats not what I am saying. We do supply stored procedures that
Mailsite uses, and there are a couple different ones based on how you
want Mailsite and Emerald to work with each other.


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